Agrarian Studies Group 2016/1 - Economic Anthropology

Die Agrarian Studies Group lädt zur Teilnahme an der Diskussionsrunde

  • Was Agrarian Studies Group
  • Wann 25.04.2016 von 15:00 bis 16:30 (CET / UTC200)
  • Wo Kommunikationsraum WISO, Hauptgebäude, Stiege 6, 1. Stock, Zwischengeschoß, Universität Wien
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In the first of four sessions on economic anthropology we discuss:

  • Karl Polanyi, ‚The Economistic Fallacy‘, in Harry W. Pearson (ed.), The Livelihood of Man. Karl Polanyi. Academic Press (1977), pp. 5-17.
  • Barry L. Issac, ‚Karl Polanyi‘, in James G. Carrier (ed.), A Handbook of Economic Anthropology. Edward Elgar Publishing (2005), pp. 14-25.
  • Karl Polanyi, ‚The Economy as Instituted Process‘, in Karl Polanyi, Conrad M. Arensberg and Harry W. Pearson (eds), Trade and Market in the Early Empires. Economies in History and Theory. The Free Press (1957), pp. 243-50.

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