Barbara Orland

Universität Basel, Programm Wissenschaftsforschung


  • Kulturgeschichte der Life Sciences (17.-19. Jahrhundert)


Ausgewählte Publikationen

  • ORLAND, Barbara: Assimilating knowledge. Food and nutrition in early modern physiologies, Special Issue of Studies in the History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 1 (2011), ed. with Emma C. Spary
  • ORLAND, Barbara: White blood and red milk. Analogical reasoning in medical practice and experimental physiology (1560-1730), in: Horstmannshoff, M., King, H., Zittel, C. (Hg.), Blood, sweat and tears. The formation of early modern medicine: Physiology, Intersections. Yearbook for early modern studies, vol. 18., Leiden, Boston: Brill 2011 (im Erscheinen)
  • ORLAND, Barbara: "The Invention of the Nutrient. William Prout, Digestion and Alimentary Substances in the 1820s", in: Food & History 8/2010, 149-167.