Spaces in the Lower Austrian government’s quarter

Photo by Brigitte Semanek Photo by Brigitte Semanek


IRH own project in cooperation with the Amt der NÖ Landesregierung, Abteilung Kunst und Kultur


April – Dezember 2017

Principal Investigator

Ulrich Schwarz


Brigitte Semanek

Cooperation partner

Abteilung Kunst und Kultur – Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum, Armin Laussegger and Johanna Zechner


This project records the various utilisations of the area that is today the Lower Austrian government’s quarter. On selected site in the quarter we present primary sources and current research on the last two hundred years. Thus, the project connects political, economic, social and cultural history. It discusses spatial restructuring between urban and rural and the resulting changing perceptions of a place. Furthermore, the project seeks to draw connections to the history of the city of St. Pölten before and after it became the capital of Lower Austria.