Agricultural Systems in Lower Austria During the 19th Century


IRH (own project in cooperation with the Provincial Archive of Lower Austria)


April 2009 - June 2013


Martin Bauer


This project explores the regional agricultural systems and their development during the 19th century on a regional level, as well as on the farm level. The term ‘regional agricultural system’ refers to a dominant rural production and reproduction system in a particular region. ‘System’ implies that both the ‘farm’ and the regional agricultural system are understood as complex and interactive units, where changes of single elements cause changes in other elements and thus in the whole system. This system shapes its natural and social environment and it is shaped by a combination of ecological, economic, political, cultural and social factors. The results of this project will be related to state efforts and efforts of other institutions with regards to ‘modernisation’. As a part of this project a workshop was held on the Franziszeische Kataster as a primary source in agricultural history in June 2010.

Project Publications

Martin BauerAgrarsysteme in Niederösterreich im frühen 19. Jahrhundert. Eine Analyse auf Basis der Schätzungsoperate des Franziszeischen Katasters (Rural History Working Papers 20), St. Pölten 2014. pdf-icon2.jpg (1305 KB)

Martin Bauer, Agrarstatistik und regionale Agrarsysteme in Niederösterreich in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts (Rural History Working Papers 11), St. Pölten 2012. pdf-icon2.jpg (1176 KB)